SO the Brexit party has discovered the long-lost, largest ever known money tree in UK history. I refer to the Brexit Party full page adverts running in local and national media promising a £200billion boost to regions.

And how is Brexit Party going to do this?

They are going to scrap HS2 trains lines between London and the North; refuse to pay the EU agreed settlement of £39bn; and redirect half of UK Foreign Aid Budget.

So what they are saying is that, with refusal to honour EU-wide treaties, we are going to launch a major world-wide collapse of confidence in United Kingdom pledges and treaties. This then leading to wholesale break-down of UK trade with the EU.

And for overseas aid likewise, we are going to turn our back on the rest of the world. All the investment over decades in water supplies, modernising farming, famine prevention, and so much more that builds confidence in Britain plc, a country more than the sum of personal self-interests.

I've said personally for three years Brexit is one giant right-wing coup. And so it is, cloning off right wing Alt-Right USA.

The final utter insanity, on the Brexit path to "regain our sovereignty", Johnson is prepared to "prorogue" parliament. Meaning parliament will be closed down. In the insanity of Brexit we end with a non-nationally elected government, a Johnson government, closing down sovereign parliament.

Democracy in UK collapsed. We end with an autocracy. Right wing coup complete. The British people hugely deceived.

STUART MARSHALL, Alexandra Road, Parkstone