THE Second Warming Warning to Humanity was issued to the world on 13.11.17 by 15,365 scientists from 185 countries; the first being at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992 with the launching of the Earth Charter. This dreadful news should have been on all the front pages and in every broadcast. But D-Day global leadership to avoid extinction has failed us.

I was at one of the local Earth Charter Schools on Friday June 28 to lead an assembly on how we deal with the climate and ecological crises that have sadly worsened since 1992, despite many fine intentions. One pupil wore a scientist's coat to remind us of the bad luck of Thomas Midgley who had nearly cost the world its ozone layer. The CFC industry and politicians pretended there was no problem for several years. Life on Earth was only saved by the British Antarctic Survey's warning of a huge ozone hole so everyone agreed to phase out CFCs; the Montreal Protocol of 1987. Margaret Thatcher helped by asking the rich countries to help the poor find CFC alternatives.

Now the great crisis for Life on Earth is global overheating with the loss of species and ecosystems at a shocking rate. Mrs May has seen the disappearing glaciers for herself. The people of Asia are losing their drinking water at a terrifying rate. We are all losing soils and harvests and people are relocating.

But there is hope. Another pupil in our Friday Assembly represented Elon Musk who, despite being put on the naughty step by fossilist media, hopes to bring sustainable energy and transport to the whole world. His third gigafactory is going in in Shanghai and electric buses are being used in China. He has salvaged clean energy systems in Southern Australia with batteries and in hurricane-battered Puerto Rico where he has saved many lives. Storage systems for clean energy are now helping everywhere.

The Climate Coalition of many different groups, many thousands of people, met their MPs in London on Wednesday June 26 for serious accelerated action. A coach load from Bournemouth were disappointed not to make contact with one of the local MPs as Plexit is a bigger problem than Brexit!

We would welcome true investigative journalism that exposed the climate criminals who are perpetuating our problems.

And respectfully ask that Will Frampton (View From the Hill, June 26) not be part of the over-the-hill thinking on carbon, remove himself from the Wilful Blindness Award list and call out the stupidity of endless consumption on a planet of limited resources. Collective action could yet avert global conflict over failing water, food and safe spaces.

SUSAN CHAPMAN, Parkwood Road, Southbourne