IT is clear that there is an agenda provided by the fanatical Remainers who demand we remain within the EU regardless.

This is that there should be repeated polls until the so called ‘right result ‘ has been achieved, that being remain. So much for their belief in democracy.

It is significant that the PM of France has admitted that if there was polling in France tomorrow, it would probably result in the majority of the French people voting to leave!

It has to be clear from political trends within Europe that there is a deep mistrust on the part of at least a large minority of people, if not a majority, about trends within Europe.

The fact remains that from the outset of the Rome Treaty which set up the European Common Market as it was called, in 1957, it never was the intention that the UK was to be included.

When we joined in 1971 the die was largely cast with little option for any changes.

What was absolutely clear from the word go, was that the idea of a European Parliament, to be the democratic fountainhead of the united Europe was not part of the deal. Power was always to be with a Council of Ministers and the Common Market Commission.


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