WE continue to hear the Brexit debate from all sources saying that 'although we accept that Britain is coming out the EU, we still will need another referendum on whether we have a 'good deal' or not'.

This is of course only coming from the 'Remainers' who just cannot accept that the 'Leave' voters won the debate.

As a Brexiteer myself, I would like to know what all these people: including many present government ministers, the Labour Party, business or economic experts – not to mention the Lib Dems, actually mean when they say 'a good deal'.

To my mind a good deal to all those dedicated 'Remainers' would be that UK still maintain most of the past EU deals like the 'Single' and the 'Custom' market with all added extras that it strongly contains like 'open borders' etc.

Thus meaning that although they strongly agree with the democratic vote that Britain should leave the EU, we can by the back door still remain and pay for it just the same as we did before.

In other words, remaining in the EU but through the back or side door.

The majority of us voted out of the EU and that meant a clear cut leaving of everything. Not a half-hearted deal that we might just leave some of it.

The EU has bullied this country enough and the 'Remainers' with their continuing arguments are just undermining our government and encouraging Brussels to continue making it more and more hard for us to leave.

The UK should just leave the EU outright and turn to World Trade deals and leave the EU to come begging to us afterwards instead as it is right now, the other way around.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth