I WAS very saddened to read the letter in Tuesday’s Echo (Dec 19) which seeks to undermine the integrity and ‘goodwill’ of Christmas.

The anticipation of children and families looking forward to Christmas Day is something which happens months in advance.

Just see the expectation in children’s eyes and faces of the excitement and anticipation. Something no words can describe.

Surely if people engage in the Christmas story of Jesus born at Bethlehem they endeavour to be better people and that is significant in itself.

I am not a ‘religious’ person but hopefully ‘spiritual’ and there is a great difference.

I believe Christmas, in all my 35 years of being ordained as a Church of England Clergyman, is about hope, kindness, peace and trying to show ‘goodwill’ and generosity of spirit to each other.

Hoping the Spirit of Christmas touches people’s hearts rather than it just being now a focus of criticism and disbelief.


Durley Gardens, Bournemouth