FAITH Eckersall is normally spot on and, until last week when I took the trouble to follow on Freeview 131 the debate in the House of Lords about George Osborne’s proposed cuts to tax credits, I would have agreed with her damning criticism of that institution. Not anymore.

The standard of debate is far higher and more thorough than in the House of Commons and in voting to send the bill back for further consideration, they did exactly the right thing, as it is now abundantly clear MPs voted it through on incomplete information.

There should be a reforming second chamber with knowledgeable people in it. I don’t care whether it’s democratically elected or not so long as it does the job efficiently.

Is Faith really suggesting the House of Commons is any better considering it’s stuffed full of party sycophants who put their salaries above proper governance of the nation? We have to put up with them for a minimum of four years before we even have the chance to vote them out. In the meantime, untold damage can be done.

As for Batman & Robin a.k.a.Alan Yentob milking the Government for millions on behalf of Kids Company, David Cameron saw this as excellent PR material for the compassionate face of Conservatism. All sounds a bit hollow to me, considering developments.


Bure Close, Christchurch