SHOCKING news re Dorset Enterprises, workshop for disabled people (Daily Echo, January 10).

They should be opening more workshops, not closing the only one in Dorset.

Dorset Enterprises used to employ 46 people; and when run properly can make money or at least break even.

The deckchairs on our beaches have always been manufactured by Dorset Enterprises.

It used to manufacture deckchairs for all the beaches along the south coast, and for P&O cruise ships.

They had large contracts with BT, IBM the NHS and many hotels and local businesses.

What has happened to the management there?

Apart from the money side of things (which is all this is about, actually) it gives people with disabilities a reason to get up in the morning.

It gives them a sense of purpose in life and independence.

This is something the local council should be proud of.

The work and dedication that has supported this workshop all these years has changed lives for the better; and many of the workers have gone on to get jobs in the market place, once they’ve gained experience.

Please support this worthwhile cause.