SHOPPING in Winton last year I suddenly realised my adult autistic daughter no longer had her floral trolley in pinks and blues.

On January 11 this year, after I had taken money from the HSBC cash point in Winton, we quickly crossed the road as I wanted to get to the Mind charity shop before it closed. I then realised that I no longer had my trolley, black with paired red cherries, recently bought in Boscombe market as the wheels had collapsed on my old overloaded trolley.

Fortunately I always keep my money in my handbag.

The worst loss was my brightly coloured lightweight golfing jacket in glorious purples, greens and orange, put in the trolley as it was such a warm, sunny day.

I was often asked where I had bought it – the excellent source of many of my possessions, a charity shop. Yes, we have been careless but both our trolleys always have luggage labels on them with our names, address and telephone numbers.

I telephoned the police who were very kind and considerate.

A police woman even telephoned me this morning to see if I was all right, but there was nothing they could do.

I wish whoever took it would simply return it. It is no use to them.

D MITCHELL, William Road, Bournemouth