At 3pm today we’re getting a makeover.

The website’s being upgraded by our central technical team, along with all Newsquest sites. (You can get a sneak preview of how it looks here: (

The changes are mainly cosmetic but a lot of work’s been done behind the scenes to clean up the way the site is written to make us compliant with the latest internet standards.

That sounds like geek speak, but basically means when search engines and screen readers (used by the visually impaired to read the contents of a website to them) look at the site, there’s no “spelling” or “grammar” errors in the code the site is built from.

We also have a revamped search and archive service stretching back to 2000 that let’s you see results sorted by subject as well as by date.

Each news story will now have related news attached to it, based on subject and place, and there are panels in each section will let us bring you news from elsewhere on the site or from around the web.

In the news section you’ll see our latest Twitter updates; in the Recipes section you’ll see our latest restaurant reviews and so on.

Each of our specialist sections, like those on swine flu or the surf reef will have the latest news stories from around the web.

There’s been some small changes to the site navigation too. The Sign In link has moved to the top right corner, alongside the weather.

Links to the RSS feeds and the email bulletins have moved to the top left and the search box is now alongside the Echo logo in the masthead.

As with all changes, we expect there will be some things you like and don’t like about it. Feel free to share your opinions using the form on this page!