YARRELLS dominated the year four events to help complete a Poole primary schools double in the Dorset Schools Championship.

The Upton prep school won three of the four year four relays at Dorchester, came second in the remaining relay and achieved four podium places in the six individual events.

Poole Schools finished 15 points ahead of nearest challengers North Dorset.

The victory came just five days after Poole also won the years five and six gala at Littledown by just three points.

In the year four showdown, Yarrells’ Elizabeth Dawson and Polly Ghandour won the 25m backstroke and breaststroke, respectively, with Dawson and team-mate Jayden Coombes also claiming third places in other events.

Other winners included North Dorset’s Freddie Hodgetts in the boys’ freestyle and backstroke and Clayesmore in the girls’ mixed stroke relay.

Bournemouth’s Bethany McWilliam was the only winner from the other six teams as she took the girls’ 25m freestyle.

In the years five and six contest, Bournemouth Schools’ Molly Goddard, Max Looker and Ellie Brown and Poole’s Grace Crowe and Charlie Hodges were double winners.

Other winners included Poole’s Xavier West, Mae Phillips, Liam Duffy and Jacob Lane, Bournemouth’s Millie Sleeman and Arief McKenna and Weyport’s Lilly Davies.

Relay wins were shared among seven schools with Talbot Heath the only team to win twice.

Results, year 4: 1 Poole 80, 2 North Dorset 65, 3 Weyport 55, 4 Christchurch 52, 5 Bournemouth 49, 6 Purbeck 44, 7= East Dorset 40, 7= West Dorset 40.

Years 5 & 6: 1 Poole 160, 2 Bournemouth 157, 3 North Dorset 140, 4 Weyport 126, 5 East Dorset 103, 6 West Dorset 101, 7 Christchurch 92, 8 Purbeck 46.

Ryan Symington led a south west clean sweep for Dorset clubs as 200 swimmers converged on Weymouth Bay for the combined regional and county open water championship.

The Bournemouth Collegiate School (BCS) youngster won the boys’ 14yrs 1.5km race in 20min 04.26sec with Seagulls’ Miles Ward just six seconds adrift and Poole’s Liam Openshaw three seconds behind him.

BCS’s Alex Palotai-Avella led a regional one-two for Dorset in the 13yrs girls’ 1.5km event with Poole’s Aimie Quarrie second.

Regional youth titles also went to Poole’s Ryan Openshaw in the 12yrs 1.5km and Carter Stuhlmacher in the 13yrs 1.5km and Seagulls’ James Richardson, who won the 15yrs 3km in 39:59.59.

In the adult events, south west champions included Swim Bournemouth’s Savannah Barman in the 19-29yrs 5km, Poole’s Russ Corn (40-49yrs 5km), Clayesmore’s Ali Pickford (40-49yrs 3km) and Seagulls’ Zachary Dunning (17-18yrs 3km).

East Dorset Open Water SC’s Jordan Young was the third fastest in all age groups in the 5km as he won the 19-29yrs south west silver medal in 1hr 09min 43.72sec.

Regional silver also went to Poole’s Thea O’Keefe (17-18yrs 5km), Abbie Slade (13yrs 750m) and Claire Stuhlmacher (11yrs 750m), Swim Bournemouth’s Eve Hewett (15yrs 3km), East Dorset OW’s India Rogers (16yrs 1.5km), BCS’s George Mahon (11yrs 750m), Littledown’s Cathy Hartle (50/o 5km) and Poole’s 74-year-old Robert Lloyd-Evans, the oldest competitor by 17 years and runner-up in the men’s 50/o 5km.

South west bronze winners included Poole’s Ben Porter (19-29yrs 5km), Teagan-Mae Graham (16yrs 3km) and BCS’s Ellie Choy (13yrs 750m).

Others making the Dorset county podium were Lucy Purcell, Nuala O’Keefe, Louis Clayton, Benjamin Cutbush, Rosie Holland, Thomas Cutbush (all Poole), Swim Bournemouth’s Lilianne Scoulding-Jones, Freya Waddington-Barton, Paige Bryant, Holly Webster, Rupert Jones, Finn Pardy, BCS’s Denise Netley and Seagulls’ George Gillett.