PIRATES spearhead Brady Kurtz set up a thrilling final-round shootout with Rohan Tungate in the Australian Senior Solo Championship.

In a Mildura meeting won by Poole asset Jack Holder, Kurtz stormed to 18 points and drew level with Tungate at the top of the leaderboard.

The final round takes place at Adelaide track Gillman on Sunday with Kurtz no doubt hopeful of claiming his second national crown.

The 21-year-old initially closed the overall gap on Tungate after hunting down his rival on the third lap of heat four.

Kurtz then produced three gate-and-go outings to roar to 12 points before coming out on top in a thrilling battle with Max Fricke.

Holder and Kurtz took the top two places in the A final with Tungate having to settle for third ahead of Sam Masters.

Mildura points: Brady Kurtz 18, Jack Holder 17, Sam Masters 14, Max Fricke 12, Mason Campton 12, Rohan Tungate 10, Jordan Stewart 9, Josh Pickering 8, Jye Etheridge 8, Jaimon Lidsey 6, Cooper Riordan 5, Robert Medson 3, Declan Knowles 3, Joel Coyne 2, Matthew Gillmore 2, James Davies 1.

B final: Tungate, Fricke, Campton, Stewart.

A final: Holder, Kurtz, Tungate, Masters.

Overall standings: 1= Rohan Tungate 45, 1= Brady Kurtz 45, 3 Max Fricke 38, 4 Sam Masters 37, 5 Jack Holder 36, 6 Mason Campton 30, 7 Josh Pickering 28, 8 Jordan Stewart 25, 9= Jye Etheridge 21, 9= Jaimon Lidsey 21, 11 Matthew Gilmore 16, 12 Cooper Riordan 14, 13 Robert Medson 12, 14= Declan Knowles 8, 14= Joel Coyne 8, 14= James Davies 4.