BRADY Kurtz again suffered exclusion agony in the Australian Senior Solo Championship but took a 15-point haul away from Undera.

Having won all five of his qualifying rides at the Victoria circuit, Pirates number one Kurtz was judged the cause of Jack Holder's fall in the A final.

Tungate triumphed in the absence of the Cowra charger and strengthened his lead at the top of the standings, with Kurtz jumping into overall second with two rounds remaining.

The majority of Kurtz's meeting had been superb, the 21-year-old lowering the colours of surprise first-round runner-up Josh Pickering before taking the chequered flag in heat seven.

Former world under-21 champion Max Fricke was not quick enough to catch Kurtz in race nine and the Poole spearhead then made it four in a row after fellow club asset Holder was excluded for a tapes offence.

Kurtz then roared into the A final thanks to a useful victory over Tungate in his final qualifying ride.

But he could not add a sixth win to his tally and will hope for a better end result in the third round at Mildura on Friday.

Holder squeezed into the B final and banked 10 points having finished third in the A final behind Tungate and the resurgent Sam Masters.

Undera result: 1 Rohan Tungate 17, 2 Sam Masters 16, 3 Brady Kurtz 15, 4 Max Fricke 11, 5 Jack Holder 10, 6 Jordan Stewart 9, 7= Matthew Gilmore 8, 7= Mason Campton 8, 7= Jye Etheridge 8, 10 Cooper Riordan 6, 10= Josh Pickering 6, 12= Jaimon Lidsey 4, 12= Robert Medson 4, 14 Declan Knowles 3, 15= James Davies 2, 15= Joel Coyne 2, 17 Matthew Pickering 0, 18 Ben Cook DNR.

Overall standings: 1 Rohan Tungate 35, 2 Brady Kurtz 27, 3 Max Fricke 26, 4 Sam Masters 23, 5 Josh Pickering 20, 6 Jack Holder 19, 7 Mason Campton 18, 8 Jordan Stewart 16, 9 Jaimon Lidsey 15, 10 Matthew Gilmore 14, 11 Jye Etheridge 13, 12= Robert Medson 9, Cooper Riordan 9, 14 Joel Coyne 6, 15 Declan Knowles 5, 16 James Davies 3.