OLGA stars Sophie Haynes and Natalie Bailey were in perfect harmony to strike gold at the national gala in Cardiff.

The duo won the under-15 girls synchro event which was dominated by OLGA jumpers with three pairs finishing in the top 10.

Corin Clarke and Isobel Warren claimed third, while Lucy Ramsdale/Maddie Songhurst and Isabelle Songhurst/Nina Czarnokoza were sixth and ninth respectively.

Three solo performers from the Poole-based club also finished first in their competitions.

Maddie Songhurst added a gold to her synchro bronze by winning the National C under-13 girls competition.

The other two winners were Zach Sheridan (Figure B under-15 boys) and Orla Adams (National C under-15 girls DMT).

OLGA Trampoline Club – National Gala (April 21-22) Cardiff, National C U13 Girls: 1 Maddie Songhurst, 7 Kira Holland, 11 Toni Jade Graham, 16 Orla Adams.

National C U17 Girls: 15 Charlotte Herring, 24 Charlotte Haydon, 25 Ruth Finch, 38 Becky Dechow.

Figure B U15 Girls: 7 Nina Czarnokoza, 8 Sophie Haynes, 15 Natalie Bailey, 16 Lucy Ramsdale.

Figure B U17 Girls: 11 Sapphire Dallard, 12 Bryony Carmichael.

Figure B U15 Girls DMT: 5 Lucy Ramsdale, 6 Chloe Torring, 7 Rebecca Cresswell.

National C U13 Boys: 5 Bradley Hoyland, 6 Alex Wilson.

National C U15 Girls: 4 Lucy Randall, 12 Rebecca Cresswell, 19 Arhian Davies, 46 Holly White, 56 Kirsty Way.

National C U17 Boys: 6 Nick Winfield.

Figure B U13 Girls: 2 Isobel Warren.

Figure B U15 Boys: 4 Robin Hartey.

Figure B U17 Boys: 1 Zach Sheridan.

National C U15 Girls DMT: 1 Orla Adams, 4 Toni Jade Graham, 13 Kirsty Way, 19 Franki Martin.

U15 Girls Synchro: 1 Sophie Haynes & Natalie Bailey, 3 Corin Clarke & Isobel Warren, 6 Lucy Ramsdale & Maddie Songhurst, 9 Isabelle Songhurst & Nina Czarnokoza.

U15 Boys Synchro: 3 Joshua Newman & Robin Hartey.

National C British National Finals Qualifiers Trampoline: Arhian Davies, Charlotte Herring, Bradley Hoyland.

National C promotion offers to Figure B Trampoline: Maddie Songhurst, Lucy Randall, Rebecca Cresswell, Danielle Hardy, Kira Holland.

Figure B British National Finals Qualifiers Trampoline: Harriet Mulcahy, Sapphire Dallard, Bryony Carmichael, Bex Hardwick, DMT Chloe Torring.

Figure B promotion offer to Figure A: Zach Sheridan.