A FUNDRAISING page has been launched to support Max Perry, after he crashed out at Wimborne Road last week.

Perry was guesting for Poole Pirates when he was unceremoniously knocked into the fence on the home straight by Edinburgh Monarchs reserve Max James.

James was excluded from the re-run, while Perry got back up on his bike to compete, after some medical treatment.

But it is damage to his equipment which has caused costly financial damage, which Perry is hoping to raise some funds to help cover.

Part of a post on GoFundMe read: “Not only did Max receive an injury, but his bike was very badly damaged.

“As Max only races in the National Development League now, we just don’t have the funds to cover the amount of damage that was received.

“On investigation, Max will need a new race helmet and new neck brace. His bike will need a new exhaust and new diamond.

“The front forks and the front wheel will need to be straightened.

“We have actually no idea how much damage has happened and that alone could prove extremely costly.

“We wouldn’t normally ask for help and feel quite embarrassed in asking, but with recent events, we just don’t have the amount that is needed.”

Perry started 2024 as part of Pirates’ septet, but was dropped from the team last month.