I HAVE been trying to work out why the England football team have been playing such uninspiring football.

Compared to even the lowest ranked teams that are taking part in the Euro 2024 tournament England look pedestrian, negative and void of attacking pace.

Despite having one of the best squads the team has failed to inspire and whilst wining their group have looked far from convincing.

The quarter final match against Slovakia was a massive get out of jail affair which was not a deserved victory but such is football.

I have enjoyed watching teams like Georgia, Austria and most of the other countries who play at pace with attacking intentions but England seem void of ideas going forward and seem happy to pass backwards and sideways creating very little up front as the stats demonstrate.

I have a theory as to why this might be.

Gareth Southgate has been the England manager for eight years and has been removed from team management particularly in the Premier League and during this time the speed, and pressure of top class league football both premiere and championship has moved rapidly forward.

I am fortunate to be able to watch AFC Bournemouth play and the speed and pressure of the matches has intensified over the last few years to an amazing degree which is not being repeated at international level.

I would venture to suggest that a premier or championship team would be able to beat the England team because of the way the game is now being played.

I sincerely hope that the manager can change things around for the big challenges that lie ahead and he must start by introducing players who are proven quality in the Premier League but so far only keeping the bench warm.

Alan Burden

Catalina Drive,