ANDONI Iraola outlined the role he plays at Cherries during transfer windows.

Cherries are looking to add to their squad this summer, in a bid to improve of their 12th-placed finish in Iraola’s first season in charge.

In the two previous transfer windows during Iraola’s tenure, Cherries have spent over £100million.

Richard Hughes led the recruitment drive, but has now passed the baton over to Simon Francis, as he departs to join Liverpool.

Discussing his part in the club’s transfer business, head coach Iraola explained: “There are a lot of players that I don’t know.

“I am managing in the Premier League, maybe there is a player from Bundesliga. I know some of the players, but I definitely don’t know them all.

“Sometimes they say you can take a look and we will try to help.

“But obviously the opinion you give after watching two or three games is not the same value as the people that are working on it, they follow the player. Sometimes they have travelled to watch him live.

“So it is just my one revision, but it is not the most important definitely and it shouldn’t be.”

Quizzed on how much of a say he has in the type of players Cherries pursue, Iraola added: “Of course we talk about the profiles we need.

“We talk about the positions we need and these kind of things.

“And obviously if I know the player, I can be much more helpful and my opinion could be stronger.

“But I understand there are a lot of people working during the year only focusing on these things.

“I have to focus on my job, that is to manage a Premier League team, which takes you a lot of time and is the most important thing we have to do.”

Cherries have already made one signing this summer, in goalkeeper Alex Paulsen.