CHERRIES fans should spend less time on the roads next season, as the northern influence on the division dwindles.

While almost any trip from the south coast will take up a large chunk of your day, Southampton’s victory over Leeds United in the Championship play-off final skewed the numbers in the right direction, for those who use their cars to travel to matches.

Of course, it is far from an exact science, with just one incident often all it takes to keep you stuck on the motorways (or A34) for far longer than planned, or some late night diversions to add to the journey.

But we’ve had a look at how the away days are looking for 2024-25, with the Premier League fixture list set to be released next Tuesday, June 18 (9am).

The 63-mile round trip across the New Forest to St Mary’s now registers as by far Cherries’ shortest away day of the season, hopefully taking around 45 minutes each way.

The next shortest journeys, in theory, are Brighton and Brentford, each just under 200 miles and about two hours away from Bournemouth.

Two of the longest trips of 2023-24 are now off the table, with more than 18 hours spent travelling to and from relegated Burnley and Sheffield United last season.

One of the shorter ventures, the 242-mile round trip to Luton Town, is also no more.

In their place are another trip to the Midlands in Leicester City, and a journey across the country to Suffolk and Ipswich Town.

There are now just five trips of more than 400 miles, further north than the Midlands, in Newcastle, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, with seven visits to London.

In total, Cherries fans who travel to all the away Premier League games next season will be on the roads for around 118 hours, travelling 6,431 miles.

That is down on the 6,898 miles in 2023-24.

The play-off final result played a big part. Had Leeds won, the distance to travel last season and this season would have been almost identical.

AWAY DISTANCES (in miles, round trip)

Newcastle 702

Everton 527

Liverpool 523

Man City 503

Man Utd 500

Ipswich 389

Nottingham Forest 383

Wolves 376

Leicester 338

Aston Villa 334

West Ham 291

Tottenham 235

Crystal Palace 233

Arsenal 232

Chelsea 206

Fulham 205

Brentford 198

Brighton 193

Southampton 63

(all distances and times measured from Vitality Stadium, via Google Maps)