DORSET captain Luke Webb has laid out his wish for a full 100-over performance against Wales in their NCCA Trophy Group Four clash at Wimborne tomorrow (11am).

Dorset have so far lost by 102 runs to Cheshire and then by six wickets to Hertfordshire in a tepid 50-over campaign.

While certain aspects of Dorset’s play has impressed, including a century for Jacob Gordon and three other 50-plus scores, Webb wants the all-round display to knit together.

He told the Dorset Echo: “It’s been a disappointing couple of games having not picked up a win so far.

“We were thoroughly outplayed in the first game and then on Sunday we played pretty well for large periods but there were also periods where we were second best.

“That probably caused us to lose.

“So, halfway through it’s pretty disappointing. It’s just putting it together over 100 overs.”

He added: “Jacob especially was fantastic. We’ve had three scores of 50 or more and Jacob’s hundred batting through the whole innings.

“Unfortunately, it hasn’t come together into a complete performance. With the bat we’ve looked fairly strong and maybe we left 20 or 30 runs out there.

“We probably let ourselves down a bit in the second half. Individually, it’s been fantastic and it was a pleasure to watch Jacob’s innings on Sunday.

“It’s something Dorset should be very proud of from a guy that’s come through the system.”

Webb’s demand is not targeted at his bowlers and fielders, however.

“Our batting didn’t fire in the first game and some of the bowling’s been good,” he insisted.

“It wouldn’t so much be a wake-up call, just an honest assessment of what we need to do to win games at NCCA level.

“I think the bowling and fielding performance on Sunday just wasn’t good enough to get the job done, hence why Hertfordshire cruised home in the end.

“We’ve got the ability to do it, so no wake-up call, it’s just making sure we’re at the level that’s needed now.”

Dorset bring in Hampshire all-rounder Felix Organ and Tom Varney, while Ollie Breckon is out.

Dorset (from): Webb, J Gordon, Willows, Scott, A Eckland, F Gordon, Woodruff, Smith, Burton, Freak, Varney, Organ.