ANDONI Iraola says confusion over the amount of stoppage time led to his anger at the end of Cherries’ defeat to Chelsea.

As the final seconds of the seven added minutes elapsed, Cherries were looking to work an angle to deliver the ball into the box.

But instead the final whistle was blown by referee Anthony Taylor and Cherries lost 2-1.

Iraola immediately ran towards fourth official Leigh Doughty to berate him.

Asked what led to his annoyance at full-time, Iraola told the Daily Echo: “I think it has been a great game and I don’t know if it’s worth talking about the referees!

“I finish happy and I suppose Mauricio (Pochettino) has finished even more happy because they won it.

“But it was about the added time, because the fourth official said to us it was going to be more time.

“He put seven and chose to go lower, because he told us that. We were complaining because they were winning and obviously they were wasting time, like all the teams will do.

“He said to us already they were going to go more time and then he decided to choose seven.

“Then just before the end, when we had our chance to cross and we were pushing them, 10 seconds before, he told us they were going to add another 30 seconds.

“Then he whistles straightaway when we were going to cross.

“That was my complaint, but it hasn’t affected the result, I don’t think.

“But I wanted to raise it, because I don’t know how they want us to react when these things happen.”

Cherries finish the season 12th in the Premier League, missing out on the chance to finish in the top half, ending one point behind 10th-placed Crystal Palace.