ANDONI Iraola believes that VAR must be given more powers to justify the delays taken to make decisions after further controversy for his Cherries side away at Arsenal.

AFC Bournemouth lost out 3-0 at the Emirates but were left with a bad taste in the mouth after two decisions went against them.

In the first half a soft penalty allowed Arsenal to take the lead through Bukayo Saka, before Cherries saw a goal ruled out for the smallest of nudges from Dominic Solanke on Gunners goalie David Raya.

That would have made it 2-1 with 15 minutes to play, Arsenal having already doubled their lead through Leo Trossard.

Declan Rice made sure of the result in stoppage time, with Iraola admitting that the league leaders were deserved winners.

He commented: “First of all, I think I would like to say that I think Arsenal deserved to win today.

“I think they were better than us, especially first half. I think they pushed us a lot, but I don't think the game should have gone the way it has gone because the referee decisions, I don't agree with the decisions.

“I don’t agree with the penalty one, but especially with the disallowed goal.

“But I want to repeat - I think they were better than us and I think they should have won the game.”

Arsenal were awarded a penalty after attacker Kai Havertz cunningly left a leg in the way of Mark Travers as he rounded the goalkeeper.

“For me, Havertz is the one trying to find the contact,” Iraola restarted.

“He tries to find the contact, and in the last moment he finds the contact.

“He's not going to the ball to score the goal, he’s not going to the goal.

“And if we give a penalty because of this, then as a coach, I have to say try to do it next time.

“Also try to find the contact, to try to leave the leg there.

“If you find any contact there, they will give the penalty.

“If you are the ones in the VAR, they say it's not a penalty, but probably they are thinking ‘There is contact so I cannot overturn it.’

“And with the foul for the disallowed goal, it’s the same.

“I think we have to rethink it a little bit, if we lose five or six minutes checking every angle.

“Probably the thing is you cannot give a foul or it's a very clear penalty (on Philip Billing).

“If you give this foul it's a much clearer penalty one metre in front of him.

“But probably, it's not clear and obvious because there is contact.

“(Either) we give power to the VAR or we don't lose the five, six minutes to check everything.

“I think we have to go one way or the other.”