EVERY word Cherries boss Andoni Iraola said in front of the cameras at his pre-match press conference, ahead of Sunday's clash with Aston Villa (3pm).


Q: Do you think Bournemouth can aspire to what Villa have achieved this season?

“They are very far. They are in another level I would say.

“It's not that they are in Europe and they are in European semi-finals right now.

“They are fighting to qualify for the Champions League.

“Their season, has been, for me, amazing.

“They have a very good team, a manager that I rate very highly.

“And it's going to be a difficult, very difficult game for us because they are, especially at home, they are really, really strong.

“And we will have to be at our best if we want to have any chance.”

Q: With Foley’s European ambitions are Villa a good example to look at?

“No, I think I don't agree.

“I don't think they are.

“There are similar scenarios and they've improved a lot with Unai, especially straightaway since he came in mid-season and this season they have been really good.

“But we are now in another scenario, I would say.”

Villa playing in Europe leave them at a disadvantage at the weekend?

“I think they've been dealing quite well with it during the season they've been playing in Europe.

“You see the next games when they play Thursday, normally they are playing well.

“They have been getting the results.

“So I think it's a squad that is used to making effort every three or four days.

"Probably they will be in a good mood also because for sure it was important for them.

“And also knowing the results of the English clubs this week, probably they need a win because they will be fighting with Spurs for this last spot for the Champions League, so I'm sure it's going to be an important game for them."

Q: Are you taking confidence from the Manchester United performance?

I think we played really well the other day.

I think we deserved probably to win the game, but it's true that we didn't.

“And at the end of the season, more than the performances, you want the points because you don't have time to recover the points you lose.

And we have to find ways to win these kind of games where we are better, we have more chances, because it's the Premier League. It's not easy when the opponent is better than you, create more chances. Normally you lose games.

“So we have to find to the way to be more ruthless and to take our chances and don't give them the chance to come back into the games. It happened the other day."

Q: Injury news?

“I think we will recover Antoine Semenyo.

“I think he will be part of the squad if everything goes well tomorrow training and that's it.

“We are losing Sini from the other day that obviously is injured, and I don't expect any more changes now."

Q: Any getting closer?

“Some are getting closer, but I don't expect them for the Villa game."

Q: Your take on FA Cup replays being scrapped?

“It's difficult for me to give an opinion because I haven't really experienced it.

“I knew when we played our games that there was a chance.

“I remember against QPR that we won at the end, that there was a chance of a replay.

“I cannot give you a very powerful opinion. I would say it's something new for me.

“I suppose it’s looking for playing less games because the schedule is getting tighter and tighter, but there is also I can understand, it's a tradition.

“It’s a big competition. We have to give the importance that it deserves.

“I don't have a strong opinion on one side or the other. I cannot tell you.”

Q: Will it help with your workload?

“At the end, this season we've gone through some games in the FA Cup, we haven't played a replay.

“At the end of the season one (more) game, it's not a big difference for the clubs that are in the Premier League. So I don't think it's a big change, games wise.”

Q: Will Sinisterra play again this season?

“It’s going to be difficult.

“It’s a strain so it’s going to be really tight, I don’t know if he will be recovered to play the last game but it’s going to be difficult because the normal time is three or four weeks.

“These kinds of injuries take time and I’m sure he will try; he will be ready for his national team if they consider him but it’s going to be difficult for him to play this season.”

Q: And Marcus Tavernier?

"I’m more optimistic with Marcus because the injury was before, with one week it gives you some more chance but definitely he’s not going to be involved this week.

"We will try to play with him but it also has to be the final games of the season.

Q: Did you congratulate Unai Emery after his victory in Europe?

“I have been - I don't know to say unlucky or lucky - to play against him some games. We've been talking, but we don't have more relationship than this.”

Q: How painful was the late equaliser in the reverse fixture?

“It was painful because it was kind of similar to United the other day.

“I think we played really well that game. I think it was one of the best performances probably in this run we had, we didn't win it.

“That's why they are big clubs.

“They don't need to be at their best to get the points to get the wins.

“We could feel it against United, but they are doing it also.

“Yesterday against Lille they were in trouble losing 2-0, didn't lose any composure.

“They kept playing the same way and they managed to turn the game right to the penalties, going on to the next round.

“And I think it's something Unai has also done with different clubs.

“He has been really successful in these kind of knockouts.

“I think he has given the team this kind of personality, confidence in themselves that makes Villa even more dangerous.”