PUNDIT Jamie Redknapp was left bemused by the decision to overturn a penalty awarded to Cherries during their 2-2 draw with Manchester United, stating: “It was like a rugby tackle”.

After twice taking the lead through Dominic Solanke and Justin Kluivert, Cherries were pegged back by a Bruno Fernandes brace.

AFC Bournemouth were left feeling aggrieved over both Manchester United goals, believing there to be a foul in the build up to the first, whilst a harsh handball against Adam Smith allowed Fernandes to equalise for a second time from the penalty spot.

But in the closing stages of the game, Cherries thought they would have a chance from the penalty spot themselves when Ryan Christie was clotheslined by Willy Kambwala.

Referee Tony Harrington initially awarded the penalty, but a VAR check overturned the decision, stating it was outside the box.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ coverage of the game, former Cherry Redknapp began: “(Manchester United), they’re really lucky.

“It’ll be interesting to see what Dermot Gallagher will make of this on Sky Sports News on Monday morning, how he will interpretate this one.

“Because I think once he steps out, it’s almost irrelevant.

“Because you are still holding him and stopping him running into the box.

“That’s where I actually thought that this wasn’t going to get overturned.

“You can see it’s like a rugby tackle, he sticks his left arm out.

“You’re stopping a player getting into that box, it’s almost irrelevant that he’s outside the box because he is going to get into the box now.

“That left arm comes out and that’s what stops him.

“As soon as that left arm comes out, you’re blocking a player.

“I was amazed it was overturned.”

Co-host Izzy Christiansen did not agree.

She shared: “That’s what I thought initially (that it was outside the box). For me, I stand by that actually.

“There’s contact, of course there is. Kambwala has had to step, and he’s stepped at exactly the right time that it’s not in the box.

“Six inches deeper and it’s a penalty, stone-wall.

“Christie’s really clever here, the way he nicks the ball past Kambwala.

“I think Kambwala has got his body shape wrong. He’s square, which means that he takes Christie out with his arm.

“I think he needs to get side on and show him down the line. I think his body shape is a little bit too square.

“I wasn’t a centre-back myself, but I’m just looking at that situation and the way it unfolded. “He’s only 19-years-old, I don’t want to be too harsh on him, but I think he stepped in at exactly the right time.

“He steps in any slower, it’s a penalty.”