EVERY word Cherries boss Andoni Iraola said in his pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow night’s home clash with Crystal Palace (7.45pm).

Q: How different is this Crystal Palace side under Oliver Glasner compared to Roy Hodgson?

AI: I think probably names-wise it doesn't change a lot. It's true that they've signed two very good signings with Daniel Munoz and Adam Wharton, who plays in the middle. Very, very good signings that gives them more options.

But tactically it is completely different. Because Glasner, I remember him from Eintracht, he plays this system he has really well.

It is difficult to defend, players playing between positions, and I think they are adapting really well. It’s going to be difficult as always, but I think we are in a good run and we have to keep pushing.

We have to recover well, because Everton was a really demanding game physically for us and hope everyone is ready to push again.

Q: Will the fact you've got two games in a very short space of time affect your thinking and mean you will look to make changes?

AI: Most of the times in these cases, it's not a matter of what I want to do. It's a matter of what I can do, because players have very short time to recover between these two games, and we are coming from a physical game.

So I don't think we will play with the same starting XI. For sure we will have to make some changes, but it's something that I haven't decided yet.

Bournemouth Echo: Cherries defeated Everton 2-1 at Vitality Stadium

Q: Is your message to Dom Solanke to keep scoring goals and give England manager Gareth Southgate a dilemma?

AI: I'm sure he's going to do this. He's going to try to keep playing very well.

It's not a matter of goals. It's not like ‘I have to score 20 goals to make my presence kind of mandatory’.

No, it's a matter of playing well, because I’m sure it's not like Gareth Southgate is just looking at the numbers, he will be looking at the performances. His performance has been very, very good since the beginning of the season.

But also we have to understand the national team manager has a very, very difficult job to do, because the others he selects are also very, very good players.

So it's a matter of who fits better in his system, who he trusts more more. But it's obvious that Dom Solanke is doing his merits to have a chance with the national team.

Q: Solanke moved up to 16 Premier League goals at the weekend, the most a Cherries player has ever managed in a season. Should he score at least 20 this season now?

AI: He will try, for sure. I think 16 is a good number but 20 is even better. It is a nicer one. I'm sure he will try to push and continue scoring goals.

But in the moments he only focuses on scoring goals, he becomes a worse player and I think he is further from scoring goals.

He has to make us play well, so we can give him chances to score. I know that he understands this and we are lucky to have him.

Q: How important was it to record back-to-back away wins with the 2-0 victory at Crystal Palace earlier in the season?

AI: I think it was a pretty similar moment. We were coming from a good result, with a very short time between, a midweek game and we made some changes.

I think we were very, very efficient in that game. We started the scoring, with something that is always important, from a set-piece.

I think we dealt quite well with the game. It's going to be different, because they also recovered (Eberechi) Eze from that game, who is a top player. So we will have another threat there to cover.

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Q: Your team have dealt pretty well with midweek games this season, haven’t they?

AI: Yes, I think we've dealt quite well, the last times it happened, we've been quite good.

We have to consider also some of the players that played on Saturday were coming from national teams where they already played two games last week. So it's a matter of continuing three, four days play, three days play.

We have to see how everyone is feeling, the recovery markers we have and it will be a big part of the decisions.

Q: Is two games in four days too much for Tyler Adams?

AI: It is demanding. But I'm sure I'm going to ask him and he will say ‘I’m good to go again'. Then we have to take the decision. Not my decision, not his decision, there is a medical team. There are more coaches involved.

And we will see also the tactics we need. Against Everton I decided to play him so many minutes because it was a kind of a good game for him. I think we needed what he gives us for this game and we'll see what we decide against Palace.

Q: The Lewis Cook and Ryan Christie partnership has been pretty permanent through the season, so is it a pleasant headache now having Adams fit to fight?

AI: It's a difficult one for me for sure, but I'm very happy to have it. I'm very happy to have everyone fit, and I hope Ryan also recovers now and it becomes an even harder headache for me, because at the end, it's not a matter of the ones starting.  It is a matter of the ones finishing the game.

I think we are seeing in the last games, we are scoring late goals. All the players that are coming on in the second half are giving us important things, and we have to continue, because the games are being decided at the end.

Q: Do you think Lloyd Kelly will be fit enough to start?

AI: It is a difficult one. On Saturday he played 30 minutes, which is a good amount. He trained one week. It's not a lot. But we will have to talk to him and the medical department also and take the decisions from there.

Bournemouth Echo: Cherries defeated Everton 2-1 at Vitality Stadium

Q: With 38 points, are you safe? Are you not looking over your shoulder anymore and just looking up?

AI: I think it's a good amount. And if things go quite normal, you could be safe with this amount of points.

But we don't want to stop here and we are not going to stop here. We need more points. We need more wins. We need to finish as high as possible. We have to take the games one by one.

We want to know what our position is in the Premier League. Only if we take all the games seriously will we know our real position in the Premier League.

Q: Will Marcos Senesi be available on Tuesday?

AI: No. It is true that he is not far. It's true that he may start doing some things with the group.

But we are talking about two or three days. It's impossible to recover. You don't have rhythm with one or two trainings.

Q: Earlier in the season, after international breaks you didn’t really use Antoine Semenyo straightaway. Against Everton he played the full 90 minutes and had a big role in the first goal. He is such a key player now isn’t he?

AI: Yes. It helps us a lot that he didn't have big, big travel. The travel was from Morocco. That is quite short considering the other ones they have when they play in another country.

They have to travel to Ghana and then go from Ghana and sometimes it is difficult travel for him and even later during the week and he comes back less fresh.

But it's true that he is, I think, winning some endurance. He has finished the last games and now is in very good form. It's good that we can put him with the same level for more minutes.

Q: Bill Foley was here again on Saturday for the first time since the Burnley game earlier this season, at a time when there was a lot of pressure on the results. Will it be nice to have some more conversations with him this time looking forwards instead?

AI: Yes. It's good that the both times he has come we've won the games!

I'm sure he will want to talk to me about the how the season has been and about the future. But I don't want to talk too much about the future because we still have a lot of games to play, a lot of points to try to win, and I will stay more focused on these things.

Bournemouth Echo: Cherries defeated Everton 2-1 at Vitality Stadium

Q: Neto had some difficult moments even before the equaliser on Saturday. Is there serious consideration now about bringing Mark Travers in? Is it more difficult to leave Neto out because he is the captain?

AI: No, I put the starting XI I consider gives us more chance to win the game. Sometimes they are difficult decisions, but I put the one I think. Sometimes I make mistakes and I regret it after 15 minutes. But it's the job of the coach.

Neto is very experienced and luckily for him and for everyone, the mistake has not cost us points. I’m sure he's used to recovering from worse positions.

Q: One more win would surpass last season’s points tally. Would that vindicate the decision to bring you in to replace Gary O’Neil last summer, a decision which brought a lot of noise at the time?

AI: No, not at all. I think they are different scenarios, different seasons, different squads, different opponents. Every year we start from zero and we want to finish as high as possible and we still have more chances.

We have to finish this season well, see where the standings put us. And I think after this week we have seven more games. So we want to arrive at the end with things to play for and try to catch teams and try to improve our position.

Q: You are in a fairly comfortable position in the table, so you would think some players would maybe not have that same hunger as opponents you have faced recently who are fighting for their lives. But you have matched that fight and desire. Are you confident no matter the circumstances, the hunger will remain?

AI: I don't know what's going to happen. I want to see it the same way as you.

If we are able to keep this level of hunger, but what I've seen in these last games is that we were in a difficult position, Sheffield United, difficult position against Luton. And players came back and fought and won the points. Against Everton the same. Everton are playing for their lives and we started strong.

First minutes were really good. We dealt with the difficult set-pieces. After the mistake, we go again, we try to win the game.

I will try to keep this level of demand and I want to finish the season in this way. It's true that we have a difficult part, I will say, of the season, schedule-wise.

Especially the away games are really difficult. But we have to try to give our best.