‘SITE identified for Dolphin’s ground’ (Echo, March 15) paints a picture of BCP Councillors desperate to find a home for the football club.

Perhaps a lot of them are, but I believe not chiefly for sporting reasons.

Call me an old cynic, but the council jewel in the crown is the BCP ‘local plan’.

Many older Poole Town supporters, and those with speedway interests, talk of returning to, or staying at, Wimborne Road.

Closure, and clearance of the site, would put that argument to bed – ends of.

The report adds that everything that we are being told is backed by “an increasing number of Poole councillors” (when did they wake up?) and as if to exonerate themselves, add that all matters are being “driven by the club”.

For too long sporting venues across the country have been allowed to disintegrate and fall into disrepair by individuals and organisations with no valid, heartfelt interests.

Local authorities have sat back and allowed it to happen. Shame on them.

Looking long term, if Poole Town FC do climb the ladder, then they will need a base that is fit for purpose.

The proposed Creekmoor site might tick all the right boxes today, but should they ever aspire to the dizzy heights of the conference or football league, then Poole Stadium itself, with the potential to build upwards and outwards, would supply the answer.

With its large adjacent car park and close proximity to the railway station, many conditions would be met.

Let’s not forget that not so long ago the collection buckets were out at AFC Bournemouth, and Dean Court was considered to be more than adequate.

Now, today, competing in the top of tier of English football, the only downside is not having a stadium large enough to fill with those extra numbers their exploits deserve.

The Dolphins will have to be move on at some time, but maybe a little more thought and discussion is needed before a sensible conclusion is to be reached.

Bob Woodland

Cavan Crescent