POOLE Town have provided an update on their long search for a new home, with a site identified within the town boundaries.

Dolphins have led a nomadic existence for almost three decades following their departure from Poole Stadium in 1994.

Multiple false dawns have followed, but Poole are now confident that they have found a site suitable for their needs.

Dolphins said in a statement: “Since 2018, the Club has been in discussions with Poole Borough Council, more recently BCP, and other stakeholders about a site, owned by BCP, which could be a new home for Poole Town FC.

“Due to the complexity of having other parties involved, and other factors occurring like the formation of BCP and Covid, progress has been glacially slow and then at the beginning of 2022 we were informed the site was being redesignated for other uses by the Council. That would have meant that we were back to square one.

"However, we are pleased to say that recently that decision was reversed and the land in question, within the boundaries of Poole, has recently been identified as a potential site for community and recreation use in the emerging BCP Local Plan.

"In addition, the Club are now the main drivers of the proposal which will include the participation of a number of charitable and sporting organisations that would see a new stadium at the heart of a much wider community, recreation and sporting hub.

“Due to the enormous benefits that the scheme would bring to the people of Poole and the wider area, it is not surprising that the concept plans we have produced so far are gathering support from an increasing number of Poole Councillors.

“We have appointed an architect and a firm of town planners to produce further, more detailed plans as soon as we have received some assurance from the Council on a number of legal points.

“We are chomping at the bit to reveal what is coming together but timing in these matters is crucial.”

The full statement can be read here.

Dolphins also announced that they will undergo drainage work on their temporary home of Tatnam Farm over the summer.

Another statement from Poole read in part: “We have sought input from pitch specialists at the FA and taken advice from a number of different sources.

“At a recent brainstorming session on site (we) have come up with a number of significant proposals which will involve a new drainage system being laid at the ground with the relevant sections of the pitch being “dug up” within hours of the final ball of the season being kicked at the Black Gold.”