LUTON Town captain Tom Lockyer has shared his account of his collapse at Vitality Stadium in December, stating: “I remember thinking, I could be dying here”.

Welsh international Lockyer went down off the ball in the 59th minute of Cherries’ home clash with Luton on Saturday, December 16 2023.

It was later revealed that the centre-back had suffered a cardiac arrest, his second heart-related incident on a football pitch after collapsing at Wembley in May due to an atrial fibrillation.

On Sunday, Lockyer was a pundit on Sky Sports for Luton’s 2-1 defeat at home to Manchester United, where he shared his experience of the medical incident.

He began: “I was running up to the half-way line and I went really lightheaded.

“I remember thinking I’ll be okay in a second.

“Eventually I wasn't and I woke up and the paramedics and everyone was everywhere.

“It was well documented it happened back in May as well but I know instantly this time was different.

"Last time I woke up from almost a dream and this time I woke up from a nothingness.

“I could see straight away that the paramedics and the physios, the club doc and everything, there was a little bit more panic around.

“I was a bit disorientated, I couldn't speak, I couldn't move and I was just trying to work out what was happening and while that was happening I remember thinking, I could be dying here.

"It's quite a surreal thought to have thinking that and not being able to move and respond and you can see the panics that's going on.

“I could feel them putting the drip in my arm, it was all quite a hard mix of emotions and eventually I came round and I was able to speak and to respond and once I came round and I felt okay.

"It was a relief that I am alive, obviously I'm really fortunate it happened where it happened but for me I was just living it and almost feel that everyone watching it and especially my family have almost had it worse than I have.

“After what happened in May, I have a little recording device under the chest, two minutes 40 I was out for and I needed to have the defib to shock me back.

“A massive thank you to the paramedics, club docs, everyone who was involved that day because without them I wouldn’t be standing here.”