CHERRIES boss Andoni Iraola is not sold on the idea of bringing in blue cards and sin bins to professional football.

Last week, proposed plans were revealed to trial a potential blue card and 10-minute sin bin period for players who committed tactical fouls or showed dissent.

It led to widespread criticism, with the International Football Association Board delaying the scheduled official release of the trial protocols.

FIFA said “reports of the so-called blue cards at elite levels of football are incorrect and premature”.

The Press Association reported the Football Association were considering the possibility of implementing them in the FA Cup in the future.

Sin bins were introduced across all levels of grassroots football from the 2019-20 season, in an attempt to improve levels of respect and fair play in the game.

Asked for his thoughts on the proposals, Iraola said: “I don’t know if right now we need new things, because I think it is pretty clear - red card, yellow card.

“It’s an innovation. I think they should try it in other levels, see how it works.

“For me, the first thinking when I learned about this is that if you play 10 minutes with 10 men, you would try to play as less as possible.

“Because in the end, you know that in 10 minutes you are recovering one player.

“I think the ball in play time in these 10 minutes would be really low, because even if you lose time or you have some medical attention and they put time on later, okay but later we are with 11.

“I am not sure it is going to make for better entertainment. I’m not sure, I don’t see it.”