HEAD coach Andoni Iraola revealed his side’s attempts to replicate a certain Cherries goal scored at Craven Cottage ahead of this afternoon’s game with Fulham (3pm).

During the 2021/22 season, Cherries were briefly the centre of the football world as a kick-off routine away at Fulham saw Dominic Solanke score straight from the restart after the half-time break.

Although the game eventually ended 1-1, the pre-planned move was copied by many sides across Europe, including Real Madrid during their Champions League-winning campaign that same year.

Iraola also took notice, using the routine whilst manager of Rayo Vallecano in La Liga.

This season Cherries have attempted some orchestrated plays when they restart play from the centre-circle, albeit without the same success.

Iraola told the Daily Echo: “We try to prepare some things.

“We prepare more, sometimes, we prepare less, because there are teams that are more aggressive in the kick-off.

“Sometimes they just wait, so it's more difficult to find the spaces and give you the first possession."

Iraola then went on to discuss Cherries' successful kick-off routine from just over two years ago.

He continued: “But it's true that even before I came, before I had any news from Bournemouth, it’s the kick-off routine that when you talk about kick-offs, I think every team in Europe, I will say, goes to that routine because it was an amazing play.”