NFL fan Andoni Iraola says he has not had the Super Bowl on his mind this week, but does plan to stay up late to watch the match live.

Iraola became a fan of the sport during his spell as a player in MLS with New York City.

In his 18 months Stateside from 2015 to 2016, Iraola regularly attended games of the New York Jets and New York Giants, becoming a fan of the latter.

While he did not find the time to attend any of the international games in London in October as hoped, he does play in fantasy leagues with his friends and is backing Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII tonight.

The match, in Nevada, begins at 11.30pm UK time.

Asked about the event, Iraola said: “I am not a fan of either of the teams.

“I have not been thinking at all about the game, (I had) enough with Fulham!

“But after that game, on Sunday, also after watching the other games, I suppose I will be watching, yes.”

Speaking earlier this season, Iraola said of American football: “We try to follow the games, because it is something I like.

“I think it is a very tactical game. They have specific coaches for specific positions.

“They analyse a lot of tape. Everything is a set-piece, comparing to football.

“You have to clear spaces, a lot of blocks. I don’t think it’s too easy to translate things to football, but I think we should learn from every sport.”

He added: “I think we have to look to other sports.

“Sometimes I use it as reference to explain things to the players.

“Basketball for example. I’m not very good shooting from three, but if you never shoot from three, they will cover everything inside.

“So if you are alone and open, someone has to take the three. Because then next time maybe we will have the chance to go inside.

“We use these kind of things with the players sometimes to try to explain different tactics also with football.”