LEE Cutler insists fans will see “massive improvements” when he steps in the ring for his English title bout on Sunday night.

Since earning his title shot with victory over Stanley Stannard at Vitality Stadium in May, ‘Chaos’ has made a big change to try and further his career.

The 27-year-old has taken the plunge of moving away from home comforts and up to London, leaving former trainer Kev Thorniley behind to link up with Josh Pritchard at Shane McGuigan’s gym.

Bournemouth Echo:

The move sees Cutler now both living and working with long-term friend Chris Billam-Smith on a daily basis.

Discussing the changes since his last fight, as he prepares to face Kingsley Egbunike at Bournemouth International Centre, Cutler told the Daily Echo: “I’ve been living with Chris in London. I’ve just been going through the motions with him, living with him, seeing how he does it, so just learning and learning.

“We used to train together as amateurs, so it’s rolling back the years a bit it feels. But obviously learning and we’ve progressed so much since the amateur days.

“I have made massive improvements (since May). Sunday night, everyone is going to see the improvements, the new Chaos!”

On the move to London, Cutler added: “I had to do it, otherwise I would’ve always regretted it.

“I’ve been sleeping on Chris’s floor on a mattress and loving it really, to be honest, being in a different surrounding. I’ve never really been away from home.”

Egbunike has a professional record of 8-2-1, compared to Cutler’s 13-1.

Asked how he expects the fight to pan out, the Poole star said: “Just an awkward night.

“He’s awkward, gangly, a bit taller than me. He looks like he can punch a little bit.

“His record doesn’t suggest it, but he’s fought some hard fights.

“He’s probably fought some harder opponents than I have. I’ve got a couple of hard ones on my record, but he’s fought some really good lads.

“He’s game for it and he’s obviously won the eliminator.

“He wants to win as well, this is his title shot on Sky Sports and he’s going to try and grab it with both hands. But I’m going to stop him.”

He added: “I can’t wait. It’s another big event down in Bournemouth.

“It’s great to be a bigger part of it now for a title fight. I’m just buzzing to get the actual title now on Sky Sports.

“I’m going to capture this title, move on to bigger and better things and hopefully headline myself down here.”

Discussing Cutler’s standing on the bill, BOXXER promoter Ben Shalom told the Daily Echo: “He sells a lot of tickets and fans are very passionate about him.

“An English title, it’s a 50:50 fight against Kingsley. He was in our tournament a couple of years ago. One of his only defeats was against Lenny Fuller, who was very good that night in the tournament.

“But Lee is going to have to be at his best. He is building, another one that has a lot of fans here in Bournemouth and it’s good to see. The south coast every time, it just sells, people love it.”