CHERRIES boss Andoni Iraola admitted that it was “strange” that there was not a consistent amount of substitutes available to managers across Europe’s top leagues.

Having predominantly managed in Spain during his first years in coaching, Iraola would have been used to naming 12 substitutes on his bench in La Liga fixtures.

In England, Iraola can name a total of 20 players in a matchday squad, with up to five substitutes allowed via a maximum of three substitution windows.

Whilst teams in Spain cannot make more than five subs, they at least have the luxury of having three more options than clubs in the Premier League.

Iraola told the Daily Echo: “I don't know what I prefer but it's strange that it's not the same in every league.

“You know you go to a league it's 23.

“You go to another league it’s 18, you go to another league it’s 20.

“So I think it should be something standard for all the leagues. I don't know what's the exact number.

“I think (with) 23 that everyone that is fit enough to play is at least on the bench.

“Previously some years ago was always 18. I think it should be something standard, I don't know the ideal number.”

Iraola informs the Cherries squad of his starting XI at the latest possible moment, with the Basque boss admitting that it is “the worst moment” for managers when having to leave out players.

“It’s probably the worst moment for the managers when you have to give a squad, and some players are not part of this 20-man squad, but it's our job,” he continued.

“We have to take decisions everyday in training, in the starting lineup positions, people out of the squad.

“But you have to think what makes the team stronger for that game. And that's what we try to do.”