POOLE fighter Lee Cutler has parted ways with long-term coach Kev Thorniley, to move to Shane McGuigan’s gym in London.

Under Thorniley, Cutler recovered from a brutal loss to Bradley Rea live on Sky Sports to battle his way back into title contention.

Victory over Stanley Stannard at Vitality Stadium in May saw Cutler move towards an English title bout, with Kingsley Egbunike his reported opponent later this year.

But Thorniley will not be in Cutler’s corner, after the 27-year-old moved to London to join up with close friend Chris Billam-Smith under the watchful eye of McGuigan.

He will be trained by Josh Pritchard, with details of his next fight expected soon.

In an emotional statement via Instagram, Cutler wrote: “For over a decade our relationship grew from trainer to brother, and nothing in my eyes has changed.

“Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into me and getting me to where I am today. You will remain a massive part of my journey and hopefully will continue to be one.

“Also a big thank you to my friends and family that are showing so much love, support and really want me to keep pushing myself to be the best I can be, and above all chase my dreams..

“The mental game in any sport runs so much deeper than the sport itself, I want to keep pushing myself and my abilities and grow to be the best I can be in the small window I have left.

“Boxing is short, but friendships and memories should last a lifetime.”

He added: “I’ve made the move to the McGuigan gym in London under experienced knowledgeable coach Josh Pritchard, working closely with Shane McGuigan in what I believe to be the best stable of fighters in the country/world.

“Moving away from my home comforts to improve my career. You’ve got one shot at this thing called life, now let’s go make the most of it. New Chaos incoming.”

Thorniley, who has recently opened his new Parkstone ABC gym, wrote: “When for various reasons a relationship has to end, then it's going to mean heartbreak.

“It doesn't have to mean it ends badly or in a ball of flames, but to feel sad is only normal, and writing this is exactly how I do feel.

“It's important for me that people know this hasn't been a split, it's a decision that has been unbelievably hard for us to both accept on a level only the two of us will ever understand.”

“I'll still be there for Lee, and I'll be there supporting him as he moves on to succeed at the level I'm sure he is capable of.”