DAYS before Chris Billam-Smith became world champion at the Vitality Stadium, another Bournemouth fighter moved to the brink of a world-title shot of his own.

Bareknuckle boxer Carl Hobley says he wants a shot at world heavyweight champion Dan Podmore next after keeping his British heavyweight title with a whirlwind win at the O2 Arena in London on Sunday.

Hobley took just 34 seconds to stop Nathan Williams from Wales.

The 40-year-old, who also has a 19-second win on his record, was straight on the attack, landing a sharp left-right in the opening seconds.

He kept the punches coming to have the Welshman looking disorganised and his face swollen.

Williams shipped a punch that left him with a bad gash over his right eye and with his left eye swelling as well, the referee called the fight off.

Hobley said: “I’m hoping for the world title next. I have the quickest knockout in the heavyweight division and that must be the second quickest.”