JOE Roach has high hopes for Cherries' new apprentices after announcing a fresh intake of 11 players.

All but one of the talented youngsters graduated from the club's centre of excellence, with just wide midfielder Tom Green, who was released by Watford, coming from elsewhere.

Head of youth Roach told the Echo: "They are a good, technical bunch of players.

"They all had a part to play in the under-18s last season, so they are accustomed to the environment.

"They are a bright group, so I'm looking forward to them inter-linking with the current first years to give us a squad of 18 for next season.

"We're hopeful we'll have some good products."

Of the new recruits, central midfielders Luke Burbidge and Tom Hill, as well as forwards Danny Ings and Matt Kemble, have already had experience in Cherries' reserve team.

The 11 fresh talents are available for individual sponsorship, with all monies going directly to the players. If anyone is interested contact Joe Roach on 01202 726341.

The new intake: Dan Thomas (Bournemouth, goalkeeper), Dan Annetts (Bournemouth, right-back), Tim Stephenson (Southampton, centre-back), Matt Oldring (Bournemouth, centre-back), Murray Holmes (Southampton, left-back), Tom Hill (Bournemouth, centre midfield), Luke Burbidge (Poole, centre midfield), Danny Ings (Hythe, centre forward), Tom Green (Watford, right midfield), Matt Kemble (Southampton, centre forward), Bradley Magookin (Bournemouth, centre-back).


ROACH is also keen to find new clubs for the youngsters Cherries opted to release last week.

A number of the former apprentices made an impression within the senior ranks, and Billy Franks and Matt Finlay both appeared for the club in League One.

"It's disappointing to have to give them the news that they haven't been handed contracts," admitted Roach.

"My job now is to try and provide opportunities for them with other clubs.

"They're certainly a hard-working group and hopefully some local clubs may be interested in them. It's important they get straight back into football."

Released players: Danny Reeve (right-back), Jordan Rose (centre-back), Billy Franks (centre-back), Matt Finlay (left midfield/left-back), Phil Newton (left-back), James Queree (right-back/centre-back).

  • For more information on these players, contact Joe Roach on 01202 726341.