PROMOTER Danny Ford admitted he was not sure what reception returning Benjamin Basso would get in opposition colours at Wimborne Road and added: “We will both just crack on.”

Dynamic Dane Basso made his debut in Britain for Pirates last season. He was parachuted in to help the Dorset club seal an SGB Championship title and Knockout Cup double.

Poole were left extremely upset when the exciting Danish star opted to join Glasgow Tigers over the winter - the Wimborne Road outfit’s opposition on home shale tomorrow (7.30pm).

The former youth world champion has been in blistering form for the Scottish side. Only spearhead Craig Cook has recorded more race wins for Glasgow in league action this season.

He also scored an impressive 14+1 from seven rides for Peterborough against Wolverhampton on Monday – beating Pirates’ racer Drew Kemp on two occasions.

Poole also swapped asset status between Basso and Richard Lawson over the winter to sever ties further – but Ford insisted it would be business as usual when the sides take to the track.

Asked what reception he felt Basso would get back in Poole, Ford said: “I really don’t know what reception he will get.

“Obviously, he was an absolute hero for us last year – which is why we had him in our plans for this year.

“We knew it was going to be tough with his Danish fixtures etcetera – but he seems to be making it on Wednesday just fine, which is very great for him. We are very happy about that, of course!

“It’s one of those. Ultimately, we came out of the deal with Richard Lawson as our asset and the form and commitment to the club he has been showing, we are happy with that.

“I will shake his (Basso’s) hand and wish him good luck but hopefully not too much good luck on that night.”

Ford initially described as a “massive kick in the teeth” Basso’s decision to head north of the border when the switch was announced.

Asked whether he would have a chat with the 21-year-old on the night. The promoter replied: “I don’t think it’s really needed. He knows our feelings. Some things were whispered around in the background and stuff like that – I don’t think there is any need for it.

“I will shake his hand and we will both just crack on. We have got jobs to do and that’s it – enough said really.”

Pirates are currently four points behind Glasgow in the race for the Championship’s top two, with the Wimborne Road chief insisting the spice gained from a repeat of last year’s final was good for the sport.

He added: “There needs to be more meetings like this. Meetings where there is a little bit of a story, a little bit of history in the background.

“It’s very important that dialogue really sells tickets, ultimately. Hopefully we are up for a good one on Wednesday with a good crowd and a good Pirates win.”