PROMOTER Danny Ford described as a “huge boost for the sport” the news Edinburgh would be moving to a brand new home in 2023.

The Monarchs last month announced plans to construct a new stadium in the heart of West Lothian to open in spring 2023.

West Lothian Community Stadium will host the speedway team, alongside a range of projects.

Pirates make the trip to Edinburgh’s long-time home of Armadale in the SGB Championship tomorrow (7.30pm), with promoter Ford delighted to hear of the plans for the Monarchs.

He told the Daily Echo: “This sport is constantly dragged down and you don’t often see positive things like that.

“Oxford coming back this year was a real positive story and on social media, people always pick out the negatives and that’s what is always talked about.

“A thing like this is huge news for the sport and to have a purpose-built speedway stadium being built around Edinburgh is a huge boost for the sport.”

The new facility is set to have a capacity of 1,500.

Asked whether that showed there was still an appetite for speedway in Britain, Ford replied: “I think particularly in certain regions - Edinburgh being one who have a really passionate fanbase.

“In certain areas there is that real appetite for speedway. Unfortunately, it isn’t everywhere, which probably holds speedway back a bit.

“But in certain locations – Poole being one – there is a huge appetite for it all. If it had that appetite nationwide, I think it would be a bigger sport than it is.”