DESPITE scoring the most league points for Pirates in the SGB Championship this season, Richard Lawson has another thing on his mind to manage between races.

Quite simply put – his knee occasionally “blows up”.

The 36-year-old charger went for an MRI scan after picking up an injury while riding for Premiership King's Lynn earlier this season.

The verdict was some damage and a slight tear to his Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Lawson also revealed to the Daily Echo there was some wear to his patella, but as he puts it, mid-season, a rider just has to “get on with it”.

Explaining more about the issue, the Whitehaven-born racer said: “From early on in the season, when I was racing for Kings Lynn, I did some damage and tore the ACL.

“There is still a lot of fluid on there as well, so I am still suffering with a bit of mobility with it.

“If I do take a knock, it knocks me back but I am coping with it relatively okay – fortunately it’s my right leg, so it’s not hindering me too much on the bike.

“It’s just the morning after and things like that. We will get through it.

“The actual racing part is not too bad – inbetween the races, sometimes it blows up and we get swelling.

“I just strap it up, adrenaline kicks in and you just have to get on with it.”

While managing the issue during the season is one thing, any lasting damage could require further attention.

Asked whether he would have to have an operation at the end of the campaign, Lawson replied: “I have had an MRI on it.

“There’s some damage to the patella cap as well, which has worn away a bit and could do with a little bit of work.

“But fingers crossed we don’t have to do an operation. We will get another scan at the end of the year and see what’s what.”

Poole’s decision to swap asset status between Lawson and Benjamin Basso with Glasgow looks to have been a successful move for both parties.

And with his new home coming at Wimborne Road, the British charger is now on a mission to build a legacy on the south coast.

“I am trying to make a name for myself down here and I am enjoying it,” Lawson added.

“Give me a contract for next year and I will sign it, so we will see.

“I have made that clear to everyone. I think Poole doing that deal and getting me as a full asset showed their commitment to me – I am trying my best to show my commitment to them and I am here for the long haul.”

Asked what it was like to ride for a club as illustrious as Pirates, Lawson replied: “It’s an honour, it’s a pleasure and I think my racing is speaking for itself.

“I am putting in the effort and I want to do well for the team.”

Lawson is set to be back involved for Pirates when they make the trip to Edinburgh in league action at Armadale on Friday. They then visit Berwick the following night.