PIRATES charger Richard Lawson felt he was “wrongly disqualified” after being excluded following a frightening crash involving Plymouth’s Michael Palm Toft on Wednesday.

An ambulance was called on track during the 45-45 draw between the sides at Wimborne Road after Dane Palm Toft’s bike had reared up on bend four during heat seven, while he and Lawson were battling for the lead.

Lawson had already passed Kyle Howarth during the heat and attempted to dive under Palm Toft, before the Dane took out two panels of air fence while being flung up into the air.

Thankfully, Palm Toft was able to walk away from the nasty spill. He was withdrawn from the meeting with a suspected shoulder injury.

Bournemouth Echo:

Giving his take on the incident, Lawson told Pirates’ website: “I haven't actually seen the replay of the incident but after turn three he (Palm Toft) took a glance and I felt like he had seen me and knew where I was going.

“And I wasn't going to take him straight to the fence but he ran a bit out wide and mistimed the dirt and he got out of control.

“I feel like there was no contact. I can't be certain of that but, if there was, it was while he was out of control.

“So, for me I believe I was wrongly disqualified and I just wish the referee would have taken a look at the replay before he made his decision.”

Speaking on the centre green post-meeting, Whitehaven-born Lawson added: “Obviously I am not trying to take people out and I don’t want to see anybody injured but he (Palm Toft) is not very happy. His wife’s not very happy.

“But that’s speedway.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Bournemouth Echo:

Lawson went on to find some heroics in heat 15 for Poole.

After Danny King was excluded for a spill on the opening bend, Lawson won the re-run ahead of Hans Andersen and Kyle Howarth, ensuring Neil Middleditch’s side picked up a point.

The 36-year-old also revealed he had to compete in most of the finale without a steel shoe.

He added: "After Danny fell first time he came up to me and said ‘go on Rich do it for me please’ and I thought right let's do it.

“Hearing the fans that were right behind me, I knew I had to get out there and do it.

“Then I shed my steel shoe early on and I am one of those riders who likes to use my steel shoe, some riders out there don't mind leg trailing, but it's not my style.

“So, I just threw myself into it on the last couple of laps on turns three and four, hung in there and got the job done."