LEWIS Cook and the Cherries physio team explored surprising methods in the rehab process for the midfielder’s ACL tear - with a trip to the Royal Ballet, as revealed by the club’s documentary.

Whilst taking in a show of graceful dancing might have served as a welcome distraction from the trials and tribulations of a second significant ACL injury, Cook did not attend the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden for relaxation and pleasure.

Rather, the one-time England international instead worked with Brian Maloney, who is a ballet rehabilitation specialist and class teacher of the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House.

Throughout the transparent and frank documentary, Lewis Cook: Relentless, that follows the 25-year-old’s recovery from an ACL rupture suffered in March 2021, and aired for first time last night, the former Leeds United man showed an openness to new ideas.

He also trialled a new Virtual Reality software in a bid to remove the inhibitions footballers face when first returning from injury.

Cook joked: “I’m not a ballet dancer – I kinda got forced into going there!

“Nick (Court, first team physio) asked me if I wanted to go, and I thought it would be a change of scenery, something new, something fun.

“My gran really likes ballet – I tried to get her to come, but it was COVID so she wasn’t allowed.”

Physio Nick Court added how Cook had been all ears to trying alternative rehabilitation techniques, before detailing exactly how the movements and mechanics of ballet could have a benefit.

“Lewis was just great about taking on board new ideas, new training methods, new environments,” the former Arsenal physio began.

“We had the opportunity to go to the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden, the opera house.

“That was a really great opportunity for Lewis to see some different types of athletes.

“Dancing athletes, working in their environment to be assessed by the physiotherapists and pilates instructors there, and to work with one of the rehab coaches, who is an ex-dancer.

“Do some jumping and landing, and just experience different type of stimulus, a different way of doing things.

“And it was good, it was an appropriate thing for him to do at that stage of his rehab.”

You can watch the full documentary on Cherries’ official YouTube Channel, with the feature-length show showcasing exactly what Cook went through on his way back to match fitness.