SCOTT Parker revealed how his work with sports psychologist Mike Griffiths had been “absolutely massive” in masterminding Cherries’ promotion – as well as throughout his past 15 years in football.

Parker first started working with Griffiths when he joined West Ham from Newcastle in 2007.

He revealed how he would speak “religiously” with him the day before a game, as part of his playing career from that point.

And having now transitioned into a position as head coach at Cherries, the 41-year-old revealed he still consulted with Griffiths last season throughout the Dorset club’s campaign.

Parker guided Cherries to a runner-up finish in the second tier, during his first season since arriving from Fulham last summer.

Asked how important psychologist Griffiths had been for him throughout the 2021-22 campaign, Parker told the Daily Echo: “I am glad you asked - absolutely massive.

“Someone who I speak to five times a week. Someone I speak to an hour before kick-off, someone I speak to a night before a game.

“He’s someone who can just help in certain moments and someone who is a bit of a sounding board for me.

“Of course, I’ve got my staff around me but someone who is probably just detached a little bit from them and not in it.

“He has been a massive part. Like he was when I was playing.”

Griffiths has also been credited by former West Ham and England centre-back Matt Upson, who insists he helped him “figure things out” when his career at Birmingham City was “stagnant”.

Explaining how his relationship with the psychologist developed, Parker said: “I met him 15 years ago, was struggling, left Newcastle and struggled at certain moments.

“Since then, really, I have become a different person in my whole mentality and how I see things.

“He is someone who can probably see it through a different lens at times. Can just help in certain situations, really.

“He is a large part of why I have managed to be successful.”