CHERRIES head coach Scott Parker said “having real stability and trying to sustain Premier League” provided the best opportunity to improve the club’s infrastructure.

The Dorset outfit today announced they have started work on the first phase of development at the club’s new training complex at Canford Magna.

Work has begun on installing both an outside artificial pitch and a domed indoor pitch on the facility at the old golf course site, with temporary offices for the club’s academy setup.

The training ground project was paused back in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Cherries then relegated to the Championship during project restart.

But Parker and his staff guided the club back to England’s elite level after a two-year absence during the 2021-22 campaign, meaning vastly increased revenue coming into the club next season.

In his final press conference of the campaign, before the commencement of work was announced, the head coach was asked whether he felt this was a great opportunity to build the infrastructure at the club.

He replied: “Yeah. As always, when you get Premier League football, there is that opportunity because finances come there.

“I think there is probably only that real opportunity of really doing that, is by having real stability and trying to sustain Premier League.

“That’s what the aim needs to be. There’s a massive challenge on our hands. I can’t sit here and say it any different.

“The challenge we are going to face next year, you see it in teams regularly who get promoted – it’s very, very difficult.

“Norwich have spent £60million this year. I think Dean Smith came out and said ‘the last time I was with Villa, I stayed up on the last game of the season – I spent £150million’.

“It’s a big, big league and a big, big jump. In saying that, Brentford this year, teams have proven that you can do it, if you do it the right way.

“(If) you recruit well, there’s a chance and that’s exactly how we are going. A good young squad here, a squad that is growing and maturing - hopefully we can do that.”

He added: “Look, I’m not Max (Demin, owner), I don’t know in terms of that but I think the main focus now is consolidating. The biggest challenge for us next year is to try and stay in the division.

“Hopefully if we can do that then slowly you can build a bit more.”