WINGER Ryan Christie is set to stay true to his word and get a pair of Cherries tattooed on his body after Scott Parker’s men sealed promotion.

The Scotland international, who arrived on deadline day last summer from Celtic, has been an integral part of the Dorset club’s journey back to the top flight.

Speaking to the Daily Echo in an interview back in November, Christie said: “I have already promised a lot of people that there will be a set of Cherries on me somewhere, if we get promoted.”

With his side finishing second in the Championship this season, the Inverness-born star is set to get some Cherries inked on his left thigh, right next to a set of bananas and the word ‘joy’.

He also has a lemon tattooed on his right leg.

Christie told the Daily Echo: “The text has been sent to the tattoo guy.

“It was sent two days ago, he said he would book me in some place, so yeah, there will be a pair Cherries on me!

“It will go on my left leg, right next to my bananas – a fruit theme going on!

“It will add to the randomness that is my tattoos.”

Asked whether his teammates reminded him of his promise to the Daily Echo, Christie said: “A few of them did, yeah.

“To be fair, a few of them a few months ago said they would get a matching one with me but they have gone quiet all of a sudden! I’ll stay true to my word.”

Christie featured 39 times for Cherries in all competitions this season, scoring three goals.