FORMIDABLE Richard Lawson recorded another paid maximum as part of Pirates’ septet and insisted: “I’m loving it”.

The British star was speaking after picking up the rider of the night award for his 13 paid 15-point haul in Friday’s 58-32 home victory over Oxford.

Brought in as a Poole asset this campaign, the 36-year-old sealed three race wins against the Cheetahs in heats five, 12 and 15.

He also let Ben Cook pass him to record 5-1s in heats three and nine.

“I’m loving it. It’s a great experience,” said the Whitehaven-born star.

“As soon as I turn up everyone welcomes me here and the team is great. You guys and all my support, which I really appreciate.

“Sorry I made it a little bit boring just making good starts! But hey, we are getting the wins.”

Pirates make the trip to Leicester tomorrow (7pm).