NEVER underestimate the power of an inspirational double-act.

Clough and Taylor, Broad and Anderson, Shearer and Sutton, even Torvill and Dean if you want to go further afield, with historic sporting success stories.

For Cherries boss Scott Parker, he believes assistant Matt Wells is someone that improves him both on and off the field.

The duo first met when Parker was put in charge of Tottenham Hotspur’s under-18 squad and have since worked at Fulham and now Cherries.

On the club’s official podcast earlier this year, Wells, whose own playing career was blighted by injury, described his relationship with Parker as “a match made in heaven”.

And having been through ups and downs in the coaching arena with his right-hand man alongside him, Parker admits experienced coach Wells is someone that compliments him perfectly.

“He’s massive. Without him I would be half of the person I am,” said Parker, when asked about his relationship with Wells by the Daily Echo.

“That’s part and parcel of having teams and I am fortunate enough that I have an amazing support network around me and my staff.

“Matt is one of them and I have built up a very good relationship professionally, first and foremost, when we first met at Spurs under-18s.

“Professionally there is a very good working relationship and then outside of that of course, I think we both compliment each other really well.

“He’s a massive driver for what we do, what we have done together – a long with the other guys as well to be honest with you.

“You asked me the question solely about Matt, so I’ll answer that. He is the main reason why I am able to do what I can do – we work with each other very well.”

Having previously guided Fulham from the Championship to the Premier League as a duo, Parker and Wells have enjoyed a sublime start to life at Cherries.

Only losing once in 17 league games, the Dorset outfit are currently two points clear of their previous employers at the top of the pile.

But always striving for perfection means confrontation can happen.

Asked whether he had any good arguments with Parker about things, Wells told the club podcast: “We have lots and I think that’s probably I would say the biggest strength of us as a staff.

“We have a lot of confrontation and I think every healthy environment that strives to be elite – which is the biggest principle of the gaffer. Wherever we go, he wants it to be world-class.”

Asked about that confrontation, Parker added: “I think all the staff. Every one of us, I think we are that close, we are that tight that I would never want anyone to think anything was ever personal.

”I think we are brutally honest, which is exactly how I want it.

“To gain a team that is brutally honest you obviously have to have trust, a belief and I feel we have got that perfectly, as a staff.

“He (Wells) has got opinions, like I have, like everyone has and we discuss them.

“Ultimately it’s down to me what way we go and where we drive that but my staff have a big voice and that forum is always open for us discussing what we think is best.

“Whether that’s a Saturday, what way to go? Midweek, on how we train - physically, shall we run? Shall we not run? These are all conversations I want and I encourage really.”

As well as sharing the touchline at Vitality Stadium, away from football the pair also spend time together, having previously been on holiday.

Parker added: “We probably see football the same way. Both our skillsets compliment each other very well as well.

“Also outside of football – there’s a relationship there that sometimes in the heat of it, you can take yourselves out of it and enjoy life for what it is sometimes and take a bit of a breather.

“You can discuss other things, other tactics or opposition for once – that’s healthy as well.”