SCOTT Parker admits that his “traditional” views means he is leaning towards keeping the World Cup every four years, amid talk of a biennial schedule.

FIFA had been discussing plans to stage a World Cup every two years, rather than the four that is currently in place.

Critics say this would cause severe disruption to the footballing schedule, with confederations such as UEFA staging their continental competitions in these summers.

Parker has shared his views on the discussions, admitting: “I’m more probably traditional really.

I’d probably prefer it every four years just because that’s what I’ve grown up around. At the same time, I may be a bit old in my ways and I don’t like change too much. I quite like it as it is.

“That’s not to say it’s the right thing, just from my personal opinion, every four years makes it special, makes it elite. We also play a lot of games as it is. We play a lot of football.

He continued: “That, with Euros every four years and the World Cup every four years, I feel that it’s perfect. Plus I feel it’s perfect because since a young boy, that’s all I’ve ever known.

“So that’s probably why I’m coming to that judgment. But it’s one which suits me and I really, really like and makes it special I think. Like anything in life, you get a lot of something, you end up becoming a bit bored of it.

“So that’s how I see it. But at the same time, who is to say if there was change I wouldn’t love it then, so we’d have to see.”