BRILLIANT Benjamin Basso reserved special thanks for his parents, after they made the journey to see him secure his first speedway silverware in Britain.

The Danish star, who signed for Pirates mid-season following the departure of Zane Keleher, recorded 21 paid 25 across two legs as Poole eased to a 104-75 aggregate win over Edinburgh to claim the Championship Knockout Cup.

After a slow start Basso finished his night at Wimborne Road with two race wins on Wednesday, the second of which came after Ben Cook was forced to withdraw due to a crash in heat 14.

And the former world youth champion was pleased to see those closest to him make the trip across the continent, to witness their son on track in Britain.

Basso said: “A special thanks to my mum and dad, who came all the way from Denmark.

“I am just so glad and I appreciate being here. I appreciate these team-mates, they are all helping me out.”

He added: “I actually found Edinburgh a little bit difficult because the track’s different from what I’m used to. It’s really small and the bends are really pointy.

“It’s really difficult for me to go as a Dane, used to full throttle tracks, to go up there.

“But it was my second time and apparently I did good up there.

“It just shows that being over here has given me a lot as a rider. It’s helping me to evolve my career.”

Asked about his performance at Poole on Wednesday night, the talented youngster replied: “For the last two heats we changed bike and it worked.

“I was disappointed that we started out with the first bike.

“I was actually keen to get a little bit more racing to kind of prove that it wasn’t actually me having an off night but it was the bike not helping me as much as I was hoping for.

“It was great to get another heat and, of course, I hope Ben is okay.”