QUEENS Park Rangers boss Mark Warburton said forward Chris Willock was “fouled consistently” by Cherries at Vitality Stadium on Tuesday and added: “You saw how angry he was.”

The Rangers man reached boiling point on 72 minutes in the clash on the south coast. He was fouled by Adam Smith before appearing to kick out on the calf of the Cherries full-back in the aftermath.

Across the contest, Scott Parker’s side conceded 21 fouls in comparison to the visitors’ seven.

Asked about the number of fouls by the hosts, Warburton said: “They (Cherries) were professional. Chrissy Willock was fouled consistently. You saw how angry he was.

“He got the yellow card but he was more than frustrated. But that’s where you’ve got to rise above it and we’ve got to be better.

“I just felt we were getting a bit frustrated and we’ve got to deal with it. Scott knows I’m not being disrespectful in any shape or form, but there were a lot of fouls, a lot of fouls.

“Every time certain players got the ball, they were fouled early. They know we can play and we’ve got to recognise that.

“That’s part and parcel of the game, people will tell you they’ve managed it, they were professional. We’ve got to recognise it as a young team.

“Our players will learn from that type of situation. They (Cherries) were very good at it. They found themselves 2-0 up and won 2-1, so we’ve just got to move on from that.”

Eight bookings were handed out by referee Keith Stroud in total on the night, with Cherries picking up five of them.

“I thought there was a lot of yellow cards, to be honest with you. The ref was chucking out yellows,” said Parker.

“We all want to see players on the field and you back yourself in a corner really as the ref. Do you leave yourself wide open?

“I think there’s one thing we have seen over the course of the Euros and even the game now, we have been letting the game flow a little bit.

“There were yellow cards, a lot of fouls but it’s part and parcel of the game. Our team were very good at seeing out the game and that was good experience, a good learning curve for us.

“This will be massive for us, while also massive in the sense that we can get better in certain moments.”