I’M TIRED of hearing commentators making excuses for Ben Whittaker, the British boxer who refused to wear his Olympic silver medal when it was presented and just stuffed it in his pocket.

He may be an athlete – but his display on the podium was less than sporting and an insult to every other silver medal winner at the games.

Every athlete aims for gold, and no doubt every silver and bronze medallist (not to mention everyone competing) will, of course, feel some disappointment at not coming first – but they don’t behave like a two-year-old in a tantrum throwing its toys out of the pram because he/she didn’t get their way.

I always feel a great sense of pride when I see our medallists on the podium. But Whittaker’s behaviour was not only unsporting – it reflected badly on the country he represented and must have made very uncomfortable viewing for the rest of Team GB.

Someone needs to remind Whittaker that the mark of a true sportsman or sportswoman is not just how you win – but how you lose.

Whittaker may have won a silver medal for boxing but he deserves a Wooden Spoon for sportsmanship (or lack thereof).


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth