CONGRATULATIONS to Cherries for signing Scott Parker and his team. An exciting development even before the season has started and, as always, we all wish Cherries great success in the years ahead.

We hear a lot in business of “the vision” and indeed, Scott has referred to Cherries’ vision enticing and attracting him to take the job without expanding on what exactly is that vision and how it is actually going to be achieved (other than he mentioned, hard work) not just in Year 1 – promotion to the Premiership – but in the years ahead.

For the vast majority of Cherries supporters and indeed other stakeholders, it would be of great interest and appreciated if Jeff Mostyn or Neill Blake could communicate in some detail, the current Cherries vision for the future and how it will be executed.

At the moment, unless I have missed a communication on the subject, it is somewhat of a mystery? Preferably, a pre-season Interview in the Echo or, via the Cherries website?


Richmond Wood Road, Bournemouth