FOOTBALL fans have been left scratching their heads as to why BCP Council has erected a giant screen in the lower gardens for Wimbledon, but will not be showing any Euro games.

With England set to take on Ukraine in the Euro quarter finals tonight, many fans are wondering why it is one rule for tennis, another for The Beautiful Game.

However, BCP Council says any Euro screening would need additional planning and crowd control as it would likely attract large numbers.

Also, with Covid numbers increasing locally, officials say they are mindful of additional measures that would be required.

The screen is currently in place in the Lower Gardens, showing Wimbledon, as part of the council's Festival Coast Live programme – a summer of activities across the conurbation designed to help businesses, community organisations, clubs and performers bounce back following the coronavirus lockdowns.

Commenting on the council's facebook page, Nikkie Vallier said: "The PM said just today to enjoy the game outside wherever possible, so wouldn't this be a really good idea?"

Carolyn Nash simply said: "Please show the football."

But not everyone has backed calls for the football, with Michelle Wilson saying: "We love this as I get to watch the tennis while Bowie my dog tucks into his ice cream from the Hedgehog kiosk. Win, win."

A BCP Council spokesman said: "The Wimbledon screen, as part of Festival Coast Live is there to create an ambient atmosphere with low numbers and very little management requirements.

"To organise a screening of the Euros would take significant resources and multi-agency planning as it would be an attractor event drawing very high numbers and requiring significant management and crowd control.

“We are also mindful of the additional measures required at a time when our local Covid numbers are increasing.

"We would encourage our residents to support the local hospitality businesses especially with the very tough period they are going through."

Meanwhile, police chiefs and civic bosses have also appealed for football fans to 'act responsibly' ahead of England's quarter final clash with Ukraine this evening.

Assistant Chief Constable Sam de Reya, of Dorset Police, said: “So far, the tournament has been a great success; people have behaved themselves and I wish to thank our licensees across Dorset who have worked closely with us and licensing teams to deliver a safe match day experience for all.

"We expect the pubs and bars to be full this Saturday night, albeit operating with a reduced capacity due to social distancing rules and the rule of six that remains in place.

"Business owners, police and partner agencies across the region are doing their part to keep you safe. We ask the public to support us with this – please plan ahead by taking a lateral flow test, booking a table and your transport home if you are watching the game out, remember to wear your mask unless exempt and adhere to social distancing.”

Meanwhile, Councillor May Haines, portfolio holder for community safety at BCP Council, said: “It is fantastic to see our national team enjoying success in the Euros, and to have something to celebrate after what we know has been an incredibly difficult year for so many.

"If you’re making plans to watch the game on Saturday night, please remember that rates of Covid-19 are currently rising locally, so it’s vital you stay safe.